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Introduction 1. Unlike Sugar, High Fructose doesn't make you feel full. You can drink 3000 calories and still be hungry. 2. High Fructose can only be metabolized in your liver (sugar can be processed in any cell in your body). When a large dose hits the liver, it stores it as fat. 3. A Harvard study showed a correlation between High Fructose consumption and type II diabetes 4. The obesity levels spiked upward in the US around 1980. This corresponds to when Coke and Pepsi introduced high fructose into their products. Other factors such as TV-watching, lack of exercise, laziness, genetics, etc. can not account for a spike. 5. The average American eats over 40 pounds of HFCS each year. This is enough calories to gain 18-19 pounds. Since 1977, the average American has gained 19 pounds.