About me

Gender Male
Industry Student
Occupation Look above---^
Location Jingletown, California, United States
Introduction A scruffy looking guy. Loves music, video games, and comedy movies. I'm an amazing newby in Metroid Hunters. My screen-name is: St. Jimmy, and I'm almost two stars...Thanks to a little something called alt-spamming... My favorite animals are otters, stags, megalodons (as you can see at the top), oarfish, pinfish, and mud crabs. (I really love marine wildlife.)
Interests Girls, video games (Bully, Shadow of the Colossus, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, Mercenaries, Crackdown, Counterstrike, BioShock ect.), blogging, music. Making very creative comics (Haven't made them in a while).
Favorite Movies Dogma, Matrix Trilogy, 007 Casino Royale (Daniel Craig kicked @$$ in that film! Take that "Peirce Brosnan", you namby-pamby actor!)
Favorite Music Green Day, Reel Big Fish, Offspring, Utada Hikaru, My Chemical Romance, Alien Ant Farm, Story of the Year, The Vapors, Nena, Rage Against the Machine, Sum 41, this could go on for ever.
Favorite Books i luv halloween, Edgar Allan Poe, Dante, J.K. Rowling (That book was worth the wait!)

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Pennies are metal, and when you lose a tooth, the iron in your blood is in your mouth, so you taste that bad, metallic, taste.