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Occupation Author
Location Charlotte, North Carolina, OR, United States
Introduction I am a retired baby boomer who has reinvented myself after retiring from my profession as a public school teacher of history and English in 2003. I wrote and self-published a book entitled "The Peacemaker" am actively involved in carrying the book's message into 21st Century action.I work at the community level promoting multi-cultural, multigenerational and sustainable activities and political consensus. In the global community, I work to promote sustainable living and consensus,through my writing and collaboration with other writers who share this perspective. You may learn more about me and my activities by visiting You may also check out the sequel to The Peacemaker - "New Pangaea-An Evolution into the Fifth World" at I also have a collection of short stories "Finding New Pangaea" and a musical production "A Squeaky Wheel Gets Oiled - The Musical" available on line at
Interests writing, singing, dancing, tennis, cycling, kayaking
Favorite Movies "Paint Your Wagon, " "Funny Girl, " "Burlesque, " "Singing in the Rain, " "Wait Until Dark, " "Rear Window, " "The Man Who Knew Too Much, " "On a Clear Day."
Favorite Music "Imagine, " "To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn, " "The Times They Are a Changing, " "Climb Every Mountain, " "I Have Confidence, " "In the Garden, " "Amazing Grace."
Favorite Books "The Peacemaker, " "The Covenant, " "The DaVinci Code, " "North and South, " "Kaffir Boy, " "East of Eden, " "Night."

All of the phone numbers have fallen out of your address book. Whose number do you look for first and why?

My daughters' - both of them at the same time. They are the most important contacts in my life.