About me

Industry Student
Occupation Piano Teacher
Introduction Truth is, I am everything but normal. My favorite color is orange. I wear skirts. Chances are I will also be wearing a hat or scarf regardless of what season it is. I love love LOVE fruit smoothies. I also love coffee and chocolate... and definitely a combination of the two. My favorite type of food is Mexican. I am extremely indecisive. I earned my first bachelors degree by age 18 and am currently working on a second degree at Evangel University. I usually enjoy school - particularly more technical aspects of it, such as math and science. I absolutely love writing and hope to publish a book one day. If I could visit anywhere in the world it would be somewhere up north where I can see the Northern Lights. These are just a few aspects of who I am, but ultimately my identity is in Christ alone. I love Jesus more than anything else in this world and long to glorify Him in everything I say and do. After all, that's what I was created for - to love Him and be loved by Him. I am His and I will refuse to settle for anything less than who He has called me to be. :)
Interests The End Times, Creation Science, Astronomy, Piano, Harp, Photography, Writing, Singing, Worshiping God, Sewing, Chemistry, Aurora Borealis, International House of Prayer, Prophetic Worship, Becoming more like Jesus, Non-conformity, The Nazirites
Favorite Movies One Night with the King, Sense and Sensibility, Princess Bride, The Phantom of the Opera, The Ultimate Gift, The City of Ember, How to Train Your Dragon, Inception
Favorite Music Christian, Celtic, Classical, Hillsong, Misty Edwards, Laura Hackett, Casting Crowns, Robin Mark, Justin Rizzo, Cory Asbury
Favorite Books The Bible, Pursuit of the Holy, Nazirite DNA, A Life of Faith Series, Walking in the Covenant of Salt, This Present Darkness, 7 Commitments of a Forerunner, Cheaper By The Dozen, Abram's Daughters, Beautiful Girlhood, Do Hard Things, Mark of the Lion Trilogy, Passion and Purity, Set-Apart Femininity, Unafraid: Mary