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Occupation ex Up Against the Law (UPAL). George Davis was Innocent OK. RELEASE COLLECTIVE. Pre-Thatcher "counter culture" voluntary sector. Local Government. Now zilch and damned glad of it.
Location STOCKWELL, London., United Kingdom
Introduction See post < sCRAPBOOK STOCKWELL > text. I'm a Stockwell (London) pensioner, with diabetes type 2, have had radiotherapy treatment for cancer of the prostate, and am in regular need of public conveniences - for initial STOCKWELL TOILET WATCH purposes what else do you need to know?
Interests Walking holidays in the Madonie and Nebrodi (Sicilian) mountains. (www.parcodellemadonie.it.) Writing (and occasionally reading)spasmodic poetry especially when my emeroids (physical and spiritual) start playing up, from time to time I make drawings of one sort or another depending on what I had for breakfast or somesuch.
Favorite Movies "THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE", "STOCKWELL DUNKERS ALLEY"("X" Cert 2007?). Starring Baroness Imogen Walker of Larkhall and Ms Kate Hoey.
Favorite Music War Criminal Tony Bliar clanging his potty and porrige plate together in Dartmoor Prison Lifers Wing. Bagpipes.
Favorite Books Too many - anyway one of 'em is - "The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Aminals" by E. P.Evans. (1909 - the astonishing way we were - and in some parts of the world STILL are). "THE GUNTZ" by Frank Norman.(1962). Thomas Paine - various.