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Introduction Welcome to Paint It Forward (PIF), the Blog of Chris Lewman. After completing an MBA program & stressing out about a stack of tuition debt that I will begin to pay off in 6 months, I decided that I needed a little perspective on life. My mom always used to tell me that true happiness comes from doing something for someone else & expecting nothing in return. Thus, Paint it Forward, my creative nourishment project, was born in August of 2009 in an attempt to unblock my artistic constipation, for lack of a better term. The challenge: 365 days, 52 artistic/ good will/ test in humanity projects. Why 52? Because I work F-T & already stretch myself 1/wk is as good as I can do right now. That’s 525,600 minutes to do some good with my life…& hopefully, for a few others. Here goes... something.