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Introduction Editor-in-chief. Well, it's easy to get the flashy job title when it is your zine. But, that is the beauty of it. I am the head writer, photographer, artist and cutter-and-paster.
Interests 30 rock, alain de botton, allmusic, amigurumis, bath & body works, benny library, beverly hills 90210, bikini kill, bitch magazine, the body shop, brooches, buffy the vampire slayer, café 92, café chimera, canadian living recipes, carrie brownstein, castle, chapters, chickpeas, classic movies, coffee, concerts, cooking, costume jewelry, crocheting, dark nailpolish, david sedaris, david's tea, doodling, encore, espace tricot, eyeliner, ex hex, fc, fringe, goodreads, h&m, hart to hart, homemade soup, ipods, kathleen hanna, knitting, le tigre, little j, london, l7, the l word, making jewellery, mary tyler moore, matryoshkas, metric, mini wheats, mix cds, museums, music, my little pony, my-so-called life, my bed, my couch, napping, ndg, new notebooks, new york city, new york times crossword, the new yorker, oatmeal, old LIFE magazines, painted nails, paperbacks, parks and recreation, peanut butter, picasa, pilot pens, pinkie pie, plants v. zombies, portlandia, quinoa, ravelry, reading, researching, rizzoli & isles, robyn, robyn hitchcock, roxy music, salads, sarah waters, scootaloo, sherlock, sleater-kinney, the strand, st. vincent, sweet potatoes, talking heads, tea, terrasses, texting, the 1920s, the 1930s, the 1940s, the 1950s, the julie ruin, the mitfords, tina fey, train travel, usb keys, used books, veronica mars, vintage clip art, vodka tonics, walking, weekends, westmount book sale, wine, writing, zines