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Gender Female
Industry Banking
Occupation Compliance Specialist
Location Richmond, VA, United States
Introduction I love taking road trips and exploring new territory. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, picking a place, and driving there with no map (GPS is securely stowed in the console for emergencies), and just seeing what there is to see. I would do it every weekend if laundry and grass-cutting didn't get in the way. I also love taking pictures of things that make me happy or will remind me of a certain time and place for years to come. When we're not working on the house and its contents, we're probably vegging on the couch with some popcorn watching a flick, anywhere between "Apocalypse Now" and "13 going on 30."
Interests knits, cameras, photography, abacus, JMU, RVA, zoey, movies, road trips, charms, exploring, thinking, creating
Favorite Movies I love movies. All movies. I would watch movies all day every day if I didn't need to work to support my DVD habit. This habit of watching movies made naming my blog a long, arduous process of seeing which of my favorite movie quotes have already been claimed by a blogspotter. A short version of a song from a recent favorite - Juno - won out and is the title of my page. And yes, I know that it's also a cheat code for Nintendo! :)
Favorite Music I love music too. Not as much as DVD's but more than arugula.
Favorite Books Once I have satisfied my DVD habit books might be my downfall.