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Gender MALE
Occupation Γεωπόνος - Agronomist
Location Φλώρινα - Florina, Greece, Greece
Introduction I belong to the 3rd generation of a well-known Greek beekeeping family and thus the love and respect towards bees was natural. After my studies at the University of Guelph (Canada), were I received my B.Sc. in Agriculture and majored in Entomology – Apiculture, I continued grad school in the U.K. studying what else… bees!! Other than beekeeping my scientific interest is in Greek bumblebees. Today I live at the north western corner of Greece (Macedonia) were I practise and teach beekeeping… here in Greece I am also a member of the Administrative Board for the “Hellenic Scientific Society of Apiculture – Sericulture”. I must add that I find the Internet excellent for the exchange of bee interest information!!! Wherever you are in the world… enjoy your bees!!!
Interests μελισσοκομία, μέλισσες, ενυδρεία, έντομα, εντομολογία, beekeeping, bees, apiculture, bumble bees, βομβίνοι