Joe Fredette

About me

Gender Male
Occupation Mathematician
Location Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction I'm a vim-using mathematics student and Haskell hacker, I like to build everything from computer applications to tennis ball mortars to trebuchets. I like to study abstract algebra, computer science, and the boundary line right before math actually becomes useful.
Interests Math, Music, Programming Languages, Functional Programming, Logic, Automated Theorem Proving
Favorite Movies Office Space, Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta, Memento, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, The Elegant Universe
Favorite Music Blues Traveler, Rodrigo y Gabriele, Michael Hedges, Andres Segovia, Jimi Hendrix, Alex De Grassi, Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Bach, Beethoven, Barrage, Nerdcore Rap
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings, Godel, Escher, and Bach, Metamagical Themas, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?

Typically, I found that it looked like an ellipse, I believe this is due to the fact that milk wants to spread out evenly in all directions, but when the extra force is applied in a given direction, vis a vis spilling, it tends to skew the normal circle. As such, the resultant shape is typically more elliptical than circular, but it's nothing to cry about.