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Location Phillips Lake, Western Washington, United States
Introduction Turning 77 years qualifies me for the title of, "oldmaned." I retired from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry after nearly 20 years of work (clinical, research, publishing)in the Orofacial Pain Clinic.[Note:as of 2012 oldmaned is back at LLU; research/writing; his other love.] Husband of one wife--56 years--proud father of four sons and seven grandchildren. We live on a lake in a cabin I helped my grandfather build in 1950. Rain is plentiful, sweet well water to drink, fish willing to be caught, my bride at my side. Can't think of anything I want or need; except perhaps more of the same. e.c.
Interests Ham Radio KE6CXF, boating, writing, teaching, reading, gardening, building, and breathing.
Favorite Movies My Fair Lady
Favorite Music Das Organbluchen www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pY08e_tdtA Toccata und Fuge; Karl Richter
Favorite Books Eschatological, poetry, human anatomy, history, y mas importante que todos Los otros, la Biblia Santa.

"What?" and, "Which came first; the chicken or the salmonella?"