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Introduction Just who are the DNA Vibrators? The DNA Vibrators began 14 years ago, when three old bastards, Mr. Kamikaze, H.O.G., and the DNA Vibrator, long time fixtures in several Carbondale, Il and Chicago bands, wanted to play stuff that didn't fit in their other bands. In the summer of 1995, they played one show. That Christmas, they attempted to play another show, but the DNA Vibrator nearly died on the way in a car accident. The show was canceled. In 2005, they played another show, kind of an "old guys" reunion thing. Then, in September of 2006, DNA revived itself like Frankenstein's monster using the electron gun at the back of the CRT it stares at each day, and started this blog and website. DNA was never really gone, just sidetracked for a dozen years or so.

The DNA Vibrator is under no illusions. It is barely functional, well past its prime, an out-of-date innovation even 20 years ago. However, like an oil derrick which keeps pumping in an abandoned oil field, black goo slowly keeps welling up from its pen.