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Gender MALE
Occupation Chiropractic Physician - Board Certified
Location Provo, Utah
Introduction Context of Practice: My 12 years of clinically applying the NUCCA procedure for diverse neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, and psychological disorders has enhanced my understanding of the clinical importance of UMNL (Upper Motor Neuron Lesion) caused by the (ASC) Atlas Subluxation Complex. This understanding has enabled me to effectively dialogue and cross correlate patient care with traditional neurologists, family practitioners, naturopaths, orthodontists and traditional chiropractic physicians. High among our practice goals is the desire to develop and establish a professional and ethical environment wherein the pre-existing “turf” boundaries between health professionals can be crossed-over, thereby forging a true interdisciplinary philosophy and relationship context. Our committed focus and outreach to other professionals in the development of an “ideological resonance”, thus far has been effective in establishing key agreement points which are based on sound clinical and empirical evidence. And this for the summum bonum, or highest common good.
Interests Cycling, reading, art, jeeping, food, philosophy, healing.