Ted Leddy

About me

Gender Male
Occupation waster
Location Dublin, Ireland
Introduction My name is Ted Leddy. I am a 29 year old Irishman with an intense interest in global affairs, particularly within the Middle East. I am interested in debating with people on the following issues. Israel, Jewish politics, The Israeli Palestinian peace process, Iran and Iraq. I also intend to regularly commentate on the progress of President Obamas presidency keeping a particular eye on his foreign policy.
Interests International politics, GAA, Irish soccer team, world cup 2010, Irish politics, Israeli politics, Israel, Iraqi politics, Iraq, Iranian politics, Iran, World War Two
Favorite Movies The Great escape, The committments, Dr Strangelove, Bridge over the river kwai, Ice cold in Alex, Casablanca, Full metal jacket, 28 days later, Naked Gun, Hot shots, Fog of war, The wind that shakes the barley, Three kings, The wild geese, The man who would be king, Downfall, Saving Private Ryan, Im gonna git ya sucka, Mars attacks, The Godfather
Favorite Music The doors, the committments, Thin Lizzy, Horselips, Daft punk