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Location MN, United States
Introduction I like books, music, flowers – calla lilies are my favorite… I like the scent of vanilla, the colors purple and green… I like rain, lying on my back on the green grass watching the clouds float by… I like sitting around a campfire at night looking at the stars while a guitar plays softly in the background, the sound of a gentle wind whispering through the leaves… I like dancing crazy just for the fun of it, singing along with the radio… I like the warmth of a hug, the feel of waves lapping at my feet… I like the sound and feel of laughter, the smiles of children… I like the feel of the wind in my hair as I gallop my horse, the comfort of my dog lying on my feet… I like the feel of piano keys moving beneath my hands, escaping from the demands of a day if but for a moment… I like driving fast, having coffee with friends… I like knowing that I have friends, family, who love me, A God who will never leave my side…