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Location Washington, DC, United States
Introduction I'm a native-born New Mexican, and found myself living in Washington, DC via Vermont, upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Orleans, and Florida. I spend my days as a slacker Federal government attorney, and my free time running, traveling, taking photographs, cooking, seeking the best tacos in Washington, DC and probably drinking too much wine. I'm married to a nice Jewish boy from New Jersey who is devoted to the Giants and the Mets, and can keep up with my wine drinking. He claims that we grew up in different countries (something about not having to throw rocks to scare rattlesnakes on hikes) but we're a peculiarly good match. We sit around and contemplate the ways we'd spend our lottery winnings, and fix up our 110 year old DC rowhouse, and get excited that we know people who work for people who know people who run the country.