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Gender Female
Occupation Entrepreneur
Introduction Happy 2016! -- MS aside for a moment. I've spent my life as an entrepreneur, adventurer, pioneer, scientist, nurturer and general mischief maker. -- Somebody asked me quite snarkily over 20 years ago what it was going to be like in 20 years when I'm an old grandma with tattoos and piercings. I have an answer now. It rules. -- I probably spent yesterday laughing with my grandkids. -- I love a diverse range of music and it's always cool to find new sounds or get suggestions. If it reminds you of 70s Brian Eno, it's probably something I would enjoy. Industrial Bollywood hip hop? Likely. Indie rock with lots of strings. Yes. -- I'm always looking for some cool funny sciency philosophical book to read. ---//--- My Dx for MS was May 2015 but I've been having significant neurological issues for years. ---- MS - the Special Sitcom episode: The last thing the nurse said to me after the lumbar puncture was "I hope you don't have MS". I immediately received a post-puncture Coca Cola with bendy straw AND an official MS diagnosis a few weeks later. Jinx. Pretty sure that nurse owes me another Coke.