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Location Austin, Texas, United States
Introduction Aater Suleman is currently working as a computer architect at Intel Corporation in Texas, USA. He is architecting Intel's next-generation solution for high-performance throughput workloads, tackling the hardware and software challenges posed by multi-core architectures on a daily basis. Suleman received his BSEE, MSEE, and PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. His honors include the IEEE Micro Top Picks award, an annual award to recognize the ~10 most significant and influential papers published in top computer architecture conferences; Dr. Suleman has received this honor twice (in 2009 and 2010). Suleman was also awarded the Intel PhD fellowship and the Prestigious Graduate Dean Fellowship. A sensor system designed by Suleman is currently in-use by NASA's Ice, Cloud, and Elevation Satellite. Suleman continues to publish actively in top journals and conferences. More information regarding Dr. Suleman and his work can be found at http://hps.ece.utexas.edu/people/suleman .