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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer/Speaker
Location San Antonio, Texas, United States
Introduction It is about time I do something with my life. The Social Security checks are being direct deposited now. I've got four great kids, four super grandkids, one outstanding great-grandchild and I am on my fourth, final, and finest wife. Don't start judging me too severely; I became engaged to my first wife at the age of 15. By the time I was 20, I was the father of two, had a 30 year mortgage, and a corporate career. I had too much of everything except for sense and spiritual values. By age 21, I gave up my wife, my family, my house and my career. I found my fourth, final and finest wife at age 28. I found God at age 36; It has been all up hill since then. And, I don't mean "up hill" as a struggle, but as a positive direction of growth and a life of continual blessings. When I said it was about time I do something with my life, I meant something more; more time doing more for God, more time doing more for family, more time spent giving back. My back and my heart won't permit me to lift anything heavy. You would be surprised how easy it is to lift spirits. I hope you find my platform for the presidency of the United States consistent with what you support.
Interests Knowing God better, loving my wife more, serving my family/friends/people God puts in my life unselfishly, making the most of my gifts, bringing people to laughter, finishing life's race strong and unashamed.
Favorite Books The Holy Bible, The Rest of the Gospel, The Shack, Joshua, The Left Behind Series, and usually the last book I read.