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Occupation Non-Profit Management
Location chicago, IL, United States
Introduction by day i manage a non-profit org. outside of that i either imagine or work on cultivating publicly accessible images, ideas, texts & environments that transform communities, raise consciousness & generate collective analysis and action. my graduate architectural research was rooted in 'critical theory' critiqued and challenged capitalist notions of architecture & proposed potentially more radical, "activist" architecture:::read::: building something only as a tool to directly instigate social change not as the end product itself. i was trying to determine what activist architecture can learn from activist art & what the boundaries are between them. currently i am still exploring parallels btw physical & social space but more related to marginalized identities and using metaphor of secret identity/sci-fi & surrealism to uncover, subvert & re-define realities. i'm a queer mother of color. i love drawing, making and re-purposing all kinds of things and roller skating. i'm obsessed with the patterns on the inside of billing envelopes. they are like snowflakes. everyone is different and beautiful it its own way, and you probably never even noticed =).
Interests public, art of kinds but especially installation, conceptual, outsider/intuitive and body art, architecture, urbanism, critical theory, feminist theory and practice, social justice, critical pedagogy, reproductive justice, multi-cultural education, fitness...when i can carve time! parenting, vintage shopping, homemade goods, and any kind of making, in general.