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Introduction Molestation and rape during my young life contributed to my unconscious living and many many bad choices. Finally, I recognized family tragedies that made me feel as though we were sitting targets, brought me out of my unconscious state and led to questions for God ~ Why is this happening and what can I do? His answers continue… beginning by teaching me the importance and value of my own words and how they can be used to create the Extraordinary Life He planned and prearranged – which ultimately led to “The WORD Diet”. This way of thinking embedded in the book, took our marriage – which was on the super-highway to divorce – to a marriage literally made in Heaven. Interference tries but FAILS as we apply & live these principles. And we’ve lasted over 32 years to date. The “WORD Diet” affects continue with our children as well. So - no matter what your story is, start Creating Your Extraordinary Life right now! It’s not a hard thing; yet, it is a constant thing and "The WORD Diet" is the simple tool designed to guide you into success.
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