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Gender MALE
Location sky above Cimmeria
Introduction Artist, musician/singer, craftman of trad. viking products
Interests Thörgrimr is actually a character I created for my fantassy comic book series I draw/write myself. SO PLEASE, dont kill him ;) In general, this tale here is not a direct link to my comic scenarios, but just using the same main character and nameplaces, etc. I would like to move it into a structured story like the Conan stories where the character goes around facing enemies(human and non) and traveling to other places. You can of course create other places and characters. Like I said, even if Thörgrimr is a character already in existance in my comics, here its another thing. And who know perhaps your character will end up in my comics. In general, Thörgrimr is a warrior of about 30-35 years old, tall, strongly built and blond/bleu eyes. A traditional "viking" style character. Hes very "religious" not in the Christian slave manner, but as a true follower of the gods of his people. Hes fierce and extremely dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of his folk, traditions and gods. Hes an excellent fighter with all weapons. He can also travel outside his native northern lands where the first part of the story is now. Those lands are rough and mountaninous like todays Norway for example. Hes somewhat cold towards foreigners but can open up a bit if he meets a worthy opponent or someone true and holding the same values as he does; pride, honour, courage, discipline etc. In my comics there are more details but for the simplicity of things here, I wont include them. If theres anything else you need to know, feel free to write.
Favorite Movies Conan the Barbarian, 300, Stara Basn, The Viking Saga
Favorite Music Traditional Scandinavian/Slavic folk music. Folk/viking metal
Favorite Books LOTR, Conan novels(and comics, Temple of Wotan, Creed of Iron, Might is right, EK Einherjar...