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Location United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a mum living in small corner of England enjoying life with my littleun in the best ways we can. Love to hear your comments so feel free to leave them...
Interests Pagan, Greenman, Morris Dancing, Jack in the Green, John Barleycorn, Books, History, Green Lifestyle, Steampunk, Foreign films, Drumming, Allotments, Organic Food, Travel, Folk Culture, Celtic, Ogham, Bottling and Canning, Baking, Breadmaking, Walks, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Countryside, Stone Circles, Menhirs, Dolmens, Megaliths, LARP, Mediaeval, Medieval, Pottery, Earthern Ware, Celtic Jewellery, Steampunk
Favorite Movies Girl on a bridge, Sleepy Hollow, Gone in 60 Seconds
Favorite Music Folk Music, Moonlight Sonata, Muse, Wolfmother, Classical, Mozart, Musicals
Favorite Books almost anything except Auto-Biographies

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Ooh now see this is one of those questions where either answer requires the other. I need flexability in order to aid the expanability, how else will I reach the chocolate bar at the back of the cupboards...