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Occupation Stay At Home Mom
Location United States
Introduction Squishy Burrito? What?!? So, I was walking the streets of Denver with a good friend, and a boy (later to be known as Cster). I decide we should eat. "What do you feel like?" my good friend ask me. "A squishy burrito" answers cster squishing my muscleless arm. Jump forward a few years. The good friend is now my sister-in-law. Cster and I see the mountains walking to our mailbox. I stay at home and clean up cheerios all day while my husband is all lawyery.
Interests Travel, Reading, Crocheting, Knitting, Yoga
Favorite Movies Road to Saddle River, Nottinghill, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge
Favorite Books The Book of Mormon, The Life of Pi, Night, Count of Monte Cristo, East of Eden

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