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Introduction was started in late 2010, to deliver trusted news on Indian stocks. For achieving this objective, StockExplain News Service was formed as a professional and independent news reporting service, headed by a group of senior financial journalists. We report on key developments in the Indian market and individual stocks, on a daily basis, and in a timely fashion. What we pick to cover daily may appear unique, as, based on our decade-long experience, we try to focus on market developments that are of critical importance, but which are relatively under-reported. For example, while many media tend to report what market-movers are saying, we give priority to unravel and report what market-movers are doing on a daily basis. StockExplain is led by a four-member team of financial journalists, with the most experienced among them having a track-record of more than ten years in both print & web journalism and having handled Editor-in-Chief's function at an established media house for more than eight years.