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Industry Government
Occupation Almaty Municipal Government as official goat-catcher
Location Kazakhstan
Introduction Sagittarius: most philosophical of signs. During Russian-American Cold War I kill all enemy plow womans and horse and make much damage to enemy catapult. Soon were struck by Gypsy attack, where I lose my sister who was also wife, two goats, plow, and horse's dignity (it was touched in very bad place). Now I work for Almaty Municipal Government as official goat-catcher. In 2008 was voted by Almaty Chamber of Commerce as Number Four Prostitute with Best Sex in Mouth in all of Kazakhstan! My superpower is nuclear retardation disease of foot-ball (foot grows from testes-satchel). Interests includes backpacking, astronomy, travel, photography, cooking..ha ha who am I kidding? Only SEXY TIME! I need tickets for Transibirsky Express...must defect to US of A!
Interests Krapsody.com, sexy time, blowjob, rape, shoot, pillage, burn, and money extortion, Great success! High Five!
Favorite Movies pornofilm

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

Flat earth is the smart and supported belief taught by man named Pat. It might seem absurd that anyone think that the earth is round when there is so much evidence that it is pancake shaped. Many of them seem to live in Kansas or Minnesota and are really smart. Soon after Pat Robertson eventually hijacked television transmitter and began broadcasting the 700 Club. Who can argue?