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Gender MALE
Location Metropolis, Northern Hemisphere, United States
Introduction J. Alfred Proofreader is a writer/stickler for accuracy with too much time on his hands who is continually amazed at the abundance of copy mistakes that have been printed or published, but should have been averted. This blog ventures to serve as a reliable database of information exposing all of those mistakes that J. Alfred Proofreader finds, which he believes shouldn't have been made. The main criteria for a copy mistake pointed out on the blog is that it has to have been made by more than one professional and typically a team (or teams) of professional writers, editors, etc. Proofreader appreciates the irony in this undertaking since he is bound to make some copy mistakes of his own on the blog. Such is the inherent occupational hazard. Therefore, he welcomes those who notice any mistakes on the blog to point them out as the Proofreader would. Do unto others...
Favorite Movies He also welcomes any suggestions (which can be e-mailed to jalfredproofreader@gmail.com) from fellow Proofreaders out there who find printed mistakes that shouldn't have been made. When submitting to Proofreader, please include contact information and indicate whether or not you'd like to be acknowledged on the blog.
Favorite Books The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, Prufrock and Other Observations