About me

Location United States
Introduction Transcending the female condition since 1980.
Interests amateur dermatology, anarchy, armageddeon, bill hicks, black eyes, bloodletting, books, coup d'etat, crime, eschatology, film making, fistfights, graffiti, haterism, learning, mandelbrat sets, meat, milla jovovich, pain, rage, sigils, snipers, unrealistic conceit, violence, writing, zombies
Favorite Movies Irreversible, A Clockwork Orange, Grindhouse, Chopper, The Exorcist, Bad Boy Bubby, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Spirited Away, Reservoir Dogs, Battle Royale, Citizen Kane, The 'Burbs, The Big Lebowski, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, The Monster Squad, Salo, Jubilee, I heart Huckabees, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, They Live, House of 1, 000 Corpses, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Trailer Town, Inside, Ichi the Killer, The Shining
Favorite Music Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Blur, Neurosis, Crass, Ice Cube, Goldfrapp, Rammestein, Faith No More, Earth, Gorillaz, Anal Cunt, Sublime, Boris, Mr. Bungle, Eagles of Death Metal, Screaming Jay Hawkins, ACDC, Misfits
Favorite Books 1984, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Pagan Christs, Frisk, anything by Hunter S., anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Men, Woman and Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film, The Most Evil Women in History, The Road, For Whom the Bell Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, American Psycho, Money

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

What useless hippie wrote these questions?