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Introduction Visit our website at! Join the forum....................................................... WELCOME TO THE VINLAND FOLK RESISTANCE (HOME OF THE VINLAND FOLK PATRIOTS) by Dr. Casper Odinson Cröwell, 1519-CCG We, the men and women of the Aryan Tribes, being of sound minds and souls, thus constitute the ranks of volunteers collectively known as VINLAND FOLK PATRIOTS (VFP's). Our mission goal is to awake our race to the detrimental and ultimately catastrophic reality of racial extinction which we face if we fail as a people to alter the way in which we view this paramount issue as it pertains to us! Our intention is to promote awareness and pan-Aryan Tribalism and solidarity among our dwindling people. Aryan men and women who refuse to abandon racial pride, responsibility and accountability for our own welfare and survival are labeled as racists and bigots by the genuine bigots whose own agenda is the decimation of the white race, and our adversaries are numerous indeed. Read on... See our 1st Blog Post!
Interests All those interested in promoting a revolution -- ******************************A REVOLUTION IN THOUGHT!
Favorite Music The Vinland Folk Resistance does not condone the egregious disrespect of our Aryan Sisters, nor disparaging remarks, nor do we desire to be associated with anyone who depicts our women folk in any ill or demeaning light! If we assert that our children are our greatest resource, the very future of our race resides within them. Vinland Folk Patriots are laboring to attract more Aryan women to our faith and folk lifestyle in an honest and noble effort towards Aryan Folk building, that our race may survive yet another millennia. Running them off with disrespect and abuse, places the blame squarely upon our shoulders, not theirs alone, when they run into the eagerly awaiting arms of non-white men with whom many will ultimately breed with! Something everyone should consider in earnest - for Family, Faith and Folk.