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Industry Education
Occupation graduate student
Location New York City, NY, United States
Introduction I am a Heathen priest, godatheow of Odin, and a Northern Tradition shaman. I have written numerous books on religion and will soon have my MA in religious studies. I am a skilled diviner, and ordeal master, and I offer classes on a plethora of subjects. Additionally, I am currently an associate minister at a local interfaith church.
Interests Iaido, kendo, various martial arts, German, classical languages, chess, reading, firearms, cooking, kink, wines, Odin, Loki, Sigyn, ritual, mysticism, history, opera, ballet, body modification, ordeal, etiquette and protocol, alternative spirituality, religious history, occult, Latin
Favorite Movies The Anchoress, Hero, House of Flying Daggars, Hellboy II (solely for the fight scenes with Nuada lol), Criminal Minds tv series, Stargate Atlantis tv series, House tv series, The Thirteenth Warrior (I know, i know but i still enjoy it!)...more to come...
Favorite Music Buxtehude, Schuetz, Dufay, Bach, Mozart, some Handel, Garmarna, Hednigarna, Gluck, Shakira, Loreena McKennit...truthfully, I like something in just about every genre of music from country to baroque, to scandinavian folk rock, to industrial.
Favorite Books (excluding academic titles): Enduring Grace by Flinders, Awakening Osiris by Ellis, Dreams of Isis by Ellis, Poetic Edda, Norse Gods and Giants by D'Aulaire, Trickster my Beloved by Vongvisith, Goodnight Moon by Brown, Pride and Prejudice by Austen, the Hamish MacBeth series by Beaton, Valdemar series by Lackey, Basic Psychic Hygiene by Reicher