Tony Eller

About me

Introduction I didn't discover I was dyslexic until I was 50 years old(65now)That day my whole life changed the 100# weight had been lifted! I no longer had to think I had to be the dumbest person in the room because of my poor reading and writing. I wrote a song called "Billy" (imaginary Friend) about my personal experiences growing up not knowing Why..... I have dedicated myself through Billy's Quest.I now spend my days researching both the good and bad of being dyslexic, literacy and our society as a whole, The literacy problem is much deeper, please don't take this wrong there are a great number of people and organizations doing amazing things to help our children, but there is a large number that it's all about the "MONEY and POWER" Ever heard of a reading program with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?? These so called "EXPERTS" have labeled us, so it's only fitting that Billy's Quest has labeled them "THE FALSE PROPHETS OF EDUCATION". On the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Magic Ladder PQ" 100% FREE! Please visit Billy's Quest and experience the Magic Ladder PQ WHERE THE CHILD OR ADULT CAN READ EVER WORD on our website!