About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Nerd
Location Belgium
Introduction Father of two, husband of one, nerd of many stripes.

I am starting a Masters in Sustainability, and hope that this blog will trace an interesting evolution as I progress through those studies.

Although I live in Belgium, I'm Australian, and mildly embarrassed to admit that I conform to many stereotypes. I am, for example, rarely serious about anything (with the possible exception of beer.) Thus, if you suspect that I might just be taking the piss, then you can be damn sure that I am.

Likewise, as an Australian, I natively speak irony and sarcasm and have naturally evolved an extremely thick skin. I would therefore greatly appreciate it if everyone is culturally sensitive when communicating with me in this forum. I expect every response to be laced with cleverly worded abuse.

Do not take anything I say personally, but please do challenge me at every opportunity. Exploring disagreements with people who know more than me is my favourite way to learn.
Interests Sustainable human flourishing, environment, climate change, sustainability, science, religion, economics, politics, biodiversity