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Industry Marketing
Occupation Distance Working Certified Multimedia Producer
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Introduction I've been in affiliate marketing earlier - starting out working on Internet in 1999. A great amount of remarkable things has occured in my life since then.

I am a Distance Working Certified Multimedia Producer, Art Designer, Web Designer, Photographer, A quite creative Artist, Poetry and Short Story Writer, and Network Marketer for many different companies - Attraction Marketing.

I live in Sweden with my six children, two dogs and two cats, and a great, appreciating and supporting partner in my life, whom I have known well over 23 years.

Find out, learn and determine with certainty, through your own personal experience, who I am - and what I do. We may possibly keep company and hang out with one another, in some activity, intended to do or accomplish something of common interest in the future. I desire to see Your Brand around the Internet.

"An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"
♥ Blessed Be! ♥
Interests Web Design, Arts And Crafts, Painting, Writing Reading Poetry, Im Making Difference, You, Friendship, Connecting With Friends, International Relations, Chatting With Friends, Facebooking, My Cell Phones, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Aol, Aim, Digsby Messenger, Digsby Widget, Cinchcast, Squidoo Lens Day, People String, Blogtalkradio, Blog Tv, Daily Horoscope, Babies, Children, Dogs, Cats, Horseback Riding, Western Riding, Western saddles, Borzoi, Lure Coursing, Skiing In Winter, Northern Lights, Wiccan Wishes, Wiccan Gifts, Learning About Myself, Learning From My Mistakes, Woman On A Mission, Investing In Myself, Won't Be Defeated, Learning Something New Every Day, Love To Discover, Affirmations, listening to podcasts, Amateur Radio, CQ, SSA
Favorite Movies My First 50 Dates, Monday All Week, Christine, The Gods Must Be Crazy, When Harry Met Sally, The Net, Hackers
Favorite Music Marie Boine, Dead Can Dance, Wicca, Missy Higgins, AC/DC, Accept, Joe Satriani, Bob Marley, Tibetan Monks, Enigma, Topi Sorsakoski, Pellimannit, Lisa Ekdahl, Thalia
Favorite Books Men Are From Mars - Women Are From Venus, Amor's Bathroom, HTML for Dummies, To Get Up When You're Down (among hundreds of other titles I own!)