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Location Arizona, United States
Introduction I am a passionate person by nature. The list could go on and on… my family, my beautiful kids, my home, my beliefs, my country, photography, archiving my family’s memories, friends, music, dance, horses, working out, cleaning {call me crazy}, fashion…bored yet? It could go on forever, however I won’t do that to you. I wear my heart on my sleeve. You will always know when I am happy, sad, mad, etc... even if i don't want you too... Haven't quite figured out if that is a good quality or not. Ha! I am a huge fan of great photography. The kind that makes you melt. love. laugh. cry. There is something about capturing a moment that will always remain priceless. It makes your heart full. This blog is a great example of my passionate nature....a digi passion. I can connect with those who I hold close to my heart but can not be close to at the moment. I blog 4 u! I am able to share with family and friends everywhere....and possibly make new ones. I strive to be a better person than I was the the day before…and I am passionate about being passionate. That’s me in a nutshell. A big nutshell. Here's to good times!