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Gender MALE
Location Ohio, United States
Introduction I'm an amateur photographer and have been doing this as a hobby since 2011. In fact, it's become a great passion of mine. I love being outdoors in nature and capturing moments in time of whatever I happen to observe that captures my interest. I tend to photograph wildlife more than anything else, though. Having said that, I will not bait or call in wildlife just to photograph it. I want to see and photograph them in their natural environment doing what comes naturally to them. I wish to cause as little stress as possible to any animal so will always try to remain at a respectful distance which varies with animal, time, place, and circumstance. I have been working with sophisticated medical imaging equipment for a long time and photography is providing a creative outlet I am only beginning to discover and explore and am having the time of my life with. I am always learning something new and enjoy sharing whatever knowledge I've gained. I am husband to Mindy, father to Jenny and Mike, father-in-law to Kelly and Rudger, grandpapa to Eliza, Eliana, Anna, Gwen and Clara.. I'm also on Flickr@ http://www.flickr.com/photos/69056855@N08/ or search for Daho123