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Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction Website: -FORMSPRING: (ask me stuff) -HOTMAIL: (just my msn page) Email me: I am very easy to talk to. I am very shy. I am a social buterfly. I am amazing. I am coolest I am the best. I am positive. Knock me down, i'll get right back up again. I always look for the obvious. I am talkitive. I am pretty. I am just to fabulous for words. ♥I am a girl, that will ask so many qeustions, like forreal.. its not even funny.. I am just always wondering.. I have the right to ask "why" Anyways.. I really love to be outside playing around.. my friends are norrmally always with me, well during the day. not night unless it is on a week end. But still..: I like to sing.... YEAH... not in front of anyyyyyonnnnee, & im not jokeing.. something about me.. i will say "NO- WAYY I AM NOT SINGING FOR YOU!!!" i guess its because i am what i am. So YAA(:
Interests Music. Family. Best Friend. Friends. Life. Boys. Peace. Errything really..
Favorite Movies The lovley bones. New moon. Marly and me. The proposal.
Favorite Music Justin Bieber. (pop-hiphop-rap) All Time Low. (alternative)