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Location Brisbane, Australia
Introduction I'm-a HIPPY!! " Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.. " - Bob Marley (Redemption Song)
Interests Reading, adventures, gaming, music, having fun, writing, having fun with my little man and generally enjoying life.. I do enjoy the outdoors also, I love my horse racing but I do not usually gamble :S I love watching my action sports also.. I tend to be a person who get more out of life when I am able to teach other what I have learnt.. As well as learning as much as I can from others.. Sharing is caring, and free love makes the world go round! My philosophies in life! :)
Favorite Movies Martial Arts, Action, Fantasy, Thrillers, Horrors.. Some dramas, some comedies(depends on the humour, my humour is wicked!) and coz i am a girl, i do like my romance flicks! But, generally speaking, give me a good action adrenalin rush any day! :)
Favorite Music Anything pretty much.. I do like my old time rock classics, I do like my heavy metal, and I do like my classical.. I will listen to anything EXCEPT Ace of Base!! That band tortures the ears in a way that I have never ever experienced! :O
Favorite Books Fantasy!! I love biographies, and anything that is to do with real life and history.. I am partial to collecting books and information that is war related, mainly WWII..