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Gender MALE
Occupation Writer
Location Death Row, Florida, United States
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Introduction Born and raised in Marin County, CA I have now been held hostage on Florida's death row over 24 years. Although confined to a cage, my love of the outdoors keeps me dreaming of the mountains and Pacific Ocean. My spiritual faith and a healthy (if not a bit twisted) sense of humor have been my strength while the hope of spending time with my 3 children and grandson is my goal. I miss watching the sunset with someone I love, sitting around a campfire with good friends, and the feel of grass under my bare feet. Although sometimes opinionated, I try to keep an open mind and remain flexible. By nature I am easy going, hard to anger, and quick to forgive - even to a fault. Although spiritual by nature, I've grown disgusted by organized religion. For the same reasons I’m disgusted by organized politics- both have become institutions corrupted by man's arrogance and greed.
Interests Current Events, Muscle cars, Outdoors, Writing, reading, Studying and Practicing Law
Favorite Movies Just about anything starring Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, or Susan Sarandon.
Favorite Music Classic rock -- but not heavy metal, and contemporary country.
Favorite Books The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, The Last Testament by Alan Gold, and The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant