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Location Lookout Mountain, TN, United States
Introduction We are relatively recent (2005) converts to the Catholic faith. These Hands Bring Me Jesus (aka The Hands Project) combined our love for the Catholic Church with Steve's interest in photography, and Barbara's interest in writing. Every image suggests three more, so this will be an ongoing project--and there are more in the works: perhaps a similar photoessay on those in religious life and certainly one on the men who serve as deacons. As one reminded us when we were making images of the priest in his parish: Deacons have hands, too! We live in Lookout Mountain, TN, happily married for almost 36 years with two kids, two dogs, two cats and too much to do.
Favorite Music Ruth McGinnis; Mark Knofler; bluegrass, chamber music; the Grieg A minor, Liszt e-flat, and Rachmaninoff's 3rd piano concerto; Gregorian chant, ; traditional Irish music; and the great rock'n'roll from our youth (you do the math)
Favorite Books That's like choosing a favorite child!

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

Summer in Florida--Before Air Conditioning