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Introduction Hello Everyone! My name is Briana Blum and I'm a senior at the University of Rhode Island. I love writing. I especially love writing about nostalgic stuff. The 90s holds a special place in my heart- it was my childhood. In my blog, I want to share all the wonderfully ridiculous things I remember from the decade before the millennium. I will revisit the time when “the Rachel” was the hottest haircut for women to have; when boy bands ruled the world; when Britney Spears was still a virgin; a time before Facebook existed and the most popular means of communication was AOL Instant Messenger; When furbies and tomogotchies were considered high-tech toys; when Nickelodeon had the best kid shows ever. I will share my memories of all the things we considered hip and cool then and what we consider comical now. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of warm and fuzzy nostalgia. I hope all of you will join me on this "Like-Totally" fun journey back to 90s.