Renegade the Last Shadowbolt

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Gender Male
Occupation Former Equestrian Royal guard, now ruler of the Steel Empire. Also current owner of the Everfree Forest
Location South Carolina, United States
Introduction Shadowbolt team leader. I'm your average commenter on Equestria Daily. Owner of the Everfree forest as decreed by Princess Luna. Please keep/leave Timber wolves alone and PLEASE LEAVE RAINBOW DASH ALONE SHIPPERS!!
Interests Books, guitar, friends, my pets, Rainbow Dash, life, writing and drawing, wolfs
Favorite Movies Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldiers, Tremors 1-4, Cats Don't Dance, Jurassic Park, Terminator
Favorite Music Metallica, 80's, 90's, hard rock, acoustic, Loyalty by Mando/Acoustic brony
Favorite Books Raptor, black hawk down, redwall, halo, shark life, Ranger's Apprentice Fallout Equestria, My Little Dashie, mny others

Your looking down a three way tunnel. The left is bright and feels safe, the right has a dark red glow and you feel hatred, you look ahead and it goes on into blackness. Which do you take?