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Gender Female
Occupation Lifestyle Assistant
Location Hesperia, California
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Introduction I'm a pretty interesting and fun person to get to know. I love to have fun and hang out. I am currently in college majoring in Criminal Justice. I hope to some day make a dream come true and become a Homicide Detective. After I receive my Bachelors Degree I want to continue for my Masters Degree. It has been a long process so far and will probably continue to be long until I am finished, but it's what I really want and will stop at nothing to complete it. I currently work for a Senior Citizens Community which isn't what I really want to do but I do love it. Other than my life of work and school I do have 2 brothers, 2 amazing nephews, and a best friend who is practically my sister. All of my family have been very supportive and caring for me, especially my mom and dad. I have always believe that family is something you never give up on because they will always be the ones there for you when you really need someone. That's just a little bit about me and my life, there is way more to it. So if your interested in what else there is to know just let me know.
Interests I have many interests. I really enjoy going camping with my family and friends, I love going to the lake and taking out our quads to go riding. I also like to explore and travel to different places. Another interest of mine would have to be off-roading which is the funnest thing to do for me.
Favorite Movies There really are too many to list. I love watching movies, any kind of movies. ~Suspense ~Drama ~Love Stories ~Scary movies ~Action-packed Everything and anything!
Favorite Music Music is something that I rely on in many different situations. It has become one of my ways out, my way of relaxation, my way of having time to myself to think about things. No matter where I go or what I'm doing, I am always listening to music. As for the kinds of music I listen to, it's the never ending path. I listen to all kinds of music. ~Country ~R&B ~Oldies ~Light Alternative Rock ~Soft Rock ~Jazz ~Instrumental ~Easy Listening/Love Songs That's just a few select kinds of music I listen to. There's really much more to it.
Favorite Books I love to read but only when it's the right book.I am mostly into love stories but there are a few mysteries that do get my attention. Some really good books that I have read are: ~Dear, John ~Bamboo and Lace ~Twisted Creek ~The Notebook ~Many Nora Robert Books The set that I am into right now is the "Twilight Sega". This set is for four books is amazing and would recommend that you read it.