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Introduction Actually my name is Terry and Grover (boy4)- here visiting Lake Michigan, is one of our four Wire Hair Fox Terriers that we have had over the last 25 years. I was introduced to holistic/herbal care in 2001 when Simon (another wire hair) was diagnosed with cancer. After many futile trips to a very large and supposedly world class veterinary university in the Midwest; they actually operated on him twice and the first time they left a "hole" in him that no one could explain. It was basically vet students using our-my pet for a working laboratory and of course I was still paying them gobs of money for this as I now feel - experimentation. After the second operation the head vet (professor) told us they were sorry, but they could not remove the cancer. So why put the poor thing through all of the trauma? They had no answers That is when I turned to a holistic vet. I know our Simon lasted much longer and lived happier with her treatment and herbs. Ever since I have been an advocate of holistic/homeopathic treatment and herbal wellbeing .