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Introduction My name is Joe Buggy and welcome to Townland of Origin. The primary focus of this blog is Irish genealogical research in North America. The temptation is strong to start researching in Ireland when you know, or find out, that you have Irish ancestry. But the clues to where your ancestors are from can often be found on this side of the Atlantic. While some articles will focus on Irish culture & history, it is hoped that the blog will help get you one step closer to finding where your ancestors come from. I'm one of those rare genealogy obsessive's who is under 35 so most of my friends are retirees. I have previously worked as a professional genealogist in New York City and am currently a research associate at the Irish Ancestry Research Centre, Limerick, Ireland. For research requests see My first book, Researching Your Irish Ancestors in New York City, will be published in early 2014. Previous niche blogging efforts have focused on a one name study of my rare Irish second name and local history in a part of stick fightin' country. You can follow me on twitter at @NYCgenealogist.