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Occupation Freelance writer and animal welfare advocate
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Introduction I write a dating column, animal column, two blogs and as much creative nonfiction as I can. I attempt fiction and personal essays and am working on the next great American novel. My husband is the most amazing man in the world; he has taught me to love and trust and that we're always on the same team. He is loyal and supportive and loves me for my crazy and quirky ways. Our friends are amazing. Our home is amazing and we have two wonderful mutts... My first rescue dog Tyler, whom I adopted in 2003, passed away on May 5, 2010. He was suffering from seizures most likely caused from a brain tumor. I think the iPod was the next best invention after the laptop. I'm a clean freak and blunt; I won't take disrespectful treatment or cruelty.
Interests Animal activism; pit bull rights and educating against the myths of this beautiful breed, puppy mills, dog fighting, no more homeless pets, unchained dogs; animals in entertainment, fur, factory farming.... I used to teach dance/cheer to the most amazing young women in the world and I still have a love of choreography and the occasional ESPN cheer competition. I love to read, write, debate and be with my wonderful family and friends.
Favorite Movies The Usual Suspects, Beautiful Girls.
Favorite Music Jack Johnson, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Ben Harper, Norah Jones...Miley Cyrus, Blackhawk and Carrie Underwood...I have more than 2000 artists on my iPod I couldn't begin to narrow this list down any further!
Favorite Books Twilight, Harry Potter, Of Mice and Men...