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Gender MALE
Industry Construction
Location Predominately Pittsburgh
Introduction My sites are counterweights for a Disinformation Age overrun by manipulative liars. The objective is to be a catalyst in righting wrongs.

I actually did earn academic honors in economics, as well as in foreign languages and accounting, even to the point of being inducted into the Phi Sigma Iota honors fraternity. .

I've been published along side laureates and even have literature on a Harvard library shelf, at Northwestern Univ, and a few other places.

Living in the city taught me that city folk naturally hone their people skills and are far more friendly than country folk. In fact, country folk can be inarticulate, ornery, and clannish, in their shot-gun territorialism.

Added profile information in Jpeg form can be found at the the Blue Marble Album and at Google Plus, both of which are linked below.

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Interests --the American Dream, --Cultural Exchange, --Fair Trade, -The Declaration of the Rights of Man, --Ecology, --Fact Checking, --the impossible, --Architecture, --metropolitan living, -- Photography, --Fasting, --the Rosary, --Track & Field, --Physical Conditioning, --American Muscle Cars, --Forests, --Sunsets, --Starlight, --the Great Lakes, --the Three Rivers Confluence, ---International Law, --Alternative Energy.
Favorite Movies --Schindler's List, --Glory, --Red Tails, --The Hunt for Red October, --A Blast from the Past, --Johnny English Reborn, --That Thing You Do, --The Patriot, --Enemy of the State, --A Bridge too Far, --Joan of Arc, --The Song of Bernadette, --The Scarlet Pimpernel, --My Cousin Vinny, --The Delicate Delinquent, --the Waterboy, --Back to School, --Sherlock Homes.
Favorite Music --Ambient Music, --Vocal Trance, --The Beatles, --Pink Floyd, --Yes, --Duran Duran, --ELP, --ELO, --Escala, --Enya, --Anna Nalick, -Miriam Stockley, --Suzanne Ciani, --the Moody Blues, --Albinoni's Adagio, --Samuel Barber's Adagio, -- Bach's Air #5, --Beethoven's 7th, --Antonio Vivaldi, --Erik Satie.

Come up with some possible band names for your group that features a washboard and a styrofoam tuba.

The Twisted Lemons ... Pink Void ... The Grateful Undead ... The Styrophonics ... Serene Styrene ... The Starchies ... Pandora and the Boxes ... George and the Washing Tones ... Coco and the Nuts ... Hot Diggity and the Dogs ... ...King Kong and the Banana Five ...The Missing Links ... The Laundromatadors ... The Clothes Liners ... The Floaters.