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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Pianist
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Introduction Getting older... To hell with undergrads! Busy Busy... Hardly any time[:)] Doing new stuff. Surprisingly.... I'm turning out to be quite a dunderhead when it comes to some things, 'cos Nobody cares, and thus I'm having to go to great lengths to actually get to know people, which, being the kinda guy I am, I forsake before even crossing the starting line. Thinking from outside the box(poor cat =/ Haven't seen it in awhile). I believe anything is possible if you can just comprehend and imagine, and go the extra millimeter or so everytime, and find something new to explain! Toodloo~!
Interests Technology, The Supernatural, Exploration, adventures, ET
Favorite Movies Lots and Lots
Favorite Music Rock, Metal, Western Classical, psy-trance
Favorite Books Fav. Genre: Fiction: Thrillers, Adventure, Espionage, Fantasy. I'm not much into the old classics. But they help get a good sleep!

What do you believe? What do you think you believe? What do you think you believe that doesn't tally with the belief of general thought?