Mrs. Yellow Ribbon

About me

Occupation Full-time nursing student and housewife
Location United States
Introduction I'm a 20-something newlywed, married to my hero and my best friend. My husband is an AD Army Officer. I love being a housewife and an Army Wife. I am currently working on my nursing degree. My husband and I have been through one 12-month-seemed-like-a-lifetime deployment and we got married over his 2 weeks of R&R. I'm an avid (verging on obsessive) coffee drinker. My biggest pet peeve is when there are crumbs in the tub of butter (EWWWW!). If I wasn't in nursing school, I would be a wedding planner. I'm addicted to wedding shows, wedding magazines, wedding websites, get the idea. I am a big fan of paislies and the color purple. Someday I want to travel to Ireland with my husband and stay in a castle (dreaming, here). I hate chocolate and sweet foods in general. We have one cat who thinks he's a dog and loves to play fetch. I wish I had more time to read. I play piano and would love to learn to play guitar. I can't stand clutter. Or when people wear their shoes in our house. We got married in January, but I highly dislike snow (except on Christmas). The only person who has a tighter grip on my heart than The Mr. is my Savior.