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Industry Consulting
Occupation Sales Service Representative
Location Detroit, Michigan, United States
Introduction My name is Achsha (pronounced Ah-sha). I'm 31 (the oldest I've ever been and feeling it, lemme tell ya!) I am a Christian, married to the greatest man on earth, mother of an awesome little girl (pregnant with another), and gainfully employed. At heart, I'm a writer. I have been for as long as I can remember. As a child, my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. "A doctor" I told her. "What kind of doctor?" she asked. "A doctor like Dr. Seuss." She informed second grade me that Dr. Seuss was in fact a writer. Thus, my dream was born. Seeing my picture; I'm sure you're wondering why I'd call my blog Skinny Rich White Boy. These four things are the four things that I am not, but two of which (Skinny and rich) I am working towards. This blog talks about all of that; my life, upbringing, struggles, accomplishments and hopes for the future. Read, share, follow and comment, would ya? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Interests I LOVE to cook even though I don't get to do it as often as I'd like. I love to read and write creatively. I used to play video games a lot but I'm only good at one game; NBA Street. NOBODY can see me in this game. NO ONE :)
Favorite Movies The Pursuit of Happyness, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Fame, Trading Places, 8 Mile, Drumline
Favorite Music Soul, R&B, conscious Hip Hop, GOSPEL, Live Music
Favorite Books I know This Much is True, Why I Love Black Women, Soul on Ice, Things Fall Apart, What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, Roots

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

Baby blue.