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Introduction For me, Kronstantinople has evolved into a gratifying capstone to my nearly 45-year career. I moved to New York after college, and wrote for a diverse array of magazines and alternative publications. I worked with wonderfully smart and dedicated young people in the arenas of civil rights, consumer protection and prison reform. It was a brutal, beautiful life in that great city, which at the time was marred by crime and filth. I loved the people. I cherish my time there. And I was proud of the reporting I did on issues of social justice that are very much like those we still face today. Kronstantinople has given me a freedom both as a creative writer and as an investigative reporter that I never experienced while writing for all those "respectable" media, with their editors, style rules and length limitations. It's almost magically liberating. I highly recommend blogging. You'll be surprised at what comes out of you!
Favorite Books The whole Elderly Girl thing may become my favorite very soon. Elderly Girl was one of the many surprises that emerged from Kronstantinople. She gained such a fervent following everywhere, particularly in Europe, that she demanded her own blog, book and movie.